The Puppy Den is owned By Karen Hathaway.

Karen is from England and grew up on an animal rescue center that her parents owned and ran. There she learned to care for
dogs, puppies, ducks, horses, cats and sometimes reptiles!

On arriving in the States, (some 15 yrs ago!), Karen first opened a pet store in Palm Beach Fl,then continued with her love for
animals when she moved to Daphne by starting a pet sitting business called Ameripet.  Ameripet rapidly grew into a 300 + client
business and she decided to add to her services by training to be a groomer. Thats when she opened Ameripet the storefront
and offered pet grooming and puppies for sale as well as running the sitting service, three years later, business grew so big
that she sold the pet sitting side of the business and moved into a bigger space, renaming the business The Puppy Den!

Karen is a huge animal lover and outside of work she shows and breeds her English Bulldogs and spends every waking second
she has with her horses! She also runs a singles horse riding group for anyone that wants to get out and meet new people!
Karen has rescued countless dogs through the Puppy Den including 2 pregnant mommas that were set to be put to sleep at the
shelters and their babies!
Diddy Gumdrop,
My Teacup Yorkie!
Little Turtle.....he is here
most days to greet you!
Carrie Flanary

Carrie was born and reared right here in the great State of Alabama and has lived on the Eastern Shore since 2002. She has
always had a strong passion for animals, sometimes to the chagrin of her parents when bringing home those stray or hurt dogs
and cats. She began her work with animals volunteering at a vet clinic at the age of 14. Through the years she owned multiple
pets (dogs, cats, hamsters and even a few hermit crabs). Even as a child, she thoroughly enjoyed working on obedience training
with her dogs.  

Carrie's family consists of her daughter, Xan, six dogs and a rescue kitty.  Carrie and Xan are heavily involved in animal rescue,
often fostering sick or hurt dogs & nursing them for long periods of time, and then being strong enough to let those babies go to
a new forever home so that they can save more.  They have personally saved, fostered and rehomed over 3 dozen dogs from
death row! Her life is very busy, but incredibly rewarding! She wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

Carrie has helped Karen at The Puppy Den for many years and takes pride in her ability to match just the right pup with the
perfect family. Tell her a little about your lifestyle, and she'll recommend just the perfect breed, whether it be rescue or
pedigree puppies!
King Kong, my tiny  
Marmoset Monkey
Gigi saved from death row
Tulip the
Fozzie Bear
the Maltipoo
Fifi the Teacup
the Yorkiepoo
the Shorkie

Xan has literally grown up at The Puppy Den. She has spent her entire life helping care for the puppies and dogs in the store.
She may be young, but she's incredibly knowledgeable about dog breeds and how to give the absolute best care!! She has a true
passion for all of God's creatures and it shows!

She is actively involved in All-Star cheerleading, animal rescue and spending time with friends when possible!
She is truly one amazing young lady!
Until we meet again, Spiker Boy.
See you at Rainbow Bridge.


The Puppy Den is one of very few pet stores that actually cares
about where their puppies come from and how the adult
breeding dogs are living their lives. One of few that supports
local animal rescue groups and helps rehome adult rescues.
We only use small local breeders and absolutely refuse to
support a puppy mill. WE REFUSE TO SHIP PUPPIES.

We love these puppies as if they were our own personal dogs,
and it shows! All of our puppies are well taken care of. And
remember, we are here to help for as long as you need it after
you take your baby home. We offer affordable grooming and
boarding services. We love watching our babies grow and
caring for them through their entire life!

The Puppy Den has been in business over 10 years.